Benefits of a Coffee Infusion

Purifies blood: Kahweol and cafestol pulminate (found in coffee) stimulate glutiothione-S-transferase (GST). GST is an enzyme system in the liver that captures toxins in the bloodstream. The bound toxins are then flushed out with the enema. Every 3 minutes, all the blood in the body passes through the liver. This process leaves the blood clean and less toxic.

Eliminates parasites:  it flushes out old debris and bugs from the colon as well as flushing out the ones you may be killing off with herbs.

Boosts energy: Allowing the coffee to absorb into the bloodstream directly stimulates the gallbladder to flush out toxins. Toxins are known to decrease oxygen transfer and “clog” up the blood with harmful substances. Allowing the blood and oxygen to flow free and clean in the body gives a person a bit more energy. Don’t let the coffee sit inside of you for too long or the caffeine may give you a buzz.

Improves digestion: Giving the liver a boost by detoxing it can help gas, bloating, and digestion issues because it is addressing the liver and gallbladder which are both crucial to the digestive process.

Stimulates bile flow: The coffee may stimulate bile flow, which is needed to digest fats and kill harmful bacteria. After a few coffee infusions you may hear a squirt near the middle-right rib cage.

Mental clarity and mood: A coffee infusion on increases detoxification which speeds up the duplication of red blood cells. Red blood cells carry oxygen so there ends up being an increase in the body- and brain! When there is enough oxygen in the brain you will think better. Good bye brain-fog!

Eases “die off”:  When you are detoxing with herbs/sauna/baths then your body and liver can easily get full of toxins. A coffee implant will not only help your liver function better but it will also keep the toxins from reabsorbing or re-circulation and doing more damage. This helps speed up a healing reaction.

Migraines/headache: Usually a sign of blood vessels constricting. The coffee helps to dilate blood vessels while removing harmful toxins that can be the cause of the inflammation or headache in the first place.

Prevents and heals chronic illness:  Many times illness arises when the body has too many toxins and tried to cope. Regularly detoxing the liver helps the body function better so it can prevent or help the body heal from an illness. Edema, headache, joint pain, disease, illness are all common symptoms of a “toxic body”.

Clears complexion: Because a coffee infusion purifies the blood, more nutrients are available to nourish your skin. In TCM the liver and skin are closely connected so when your liver is overburdened with toxins the skin will show it.

Tones colon wall: The theophylline in coffee absorbs through the colon wall which dilates the blood vessels & increases blood supply to the colon. Increased blood improves colon muscle tone and health. Toxins that were stuck to the colon wall are now being flushed out so the colon has a chance to work free of toxic “sludge”.