Cleanse Program

We invite you to embrace and enjoy the cleansing and biotransformation experience in reconnecting with yourself and purpose. You are making a choice to strengthen your foundation for health, happiness and vitality.

So if you are looking for ways in which you can eliminate toxins, lose weight, detoxify the system, cleanse the liver, free yourself from emotional trauma and work your way towards optimum vitality and longevity – join us on one of our upcoming retreats encompassing juice fasting, colonic irrigation, far infrared sauna, massage and more OR simply book in for a session with one of our therapists at Adelaide Wellness Clinic at a time that suits you.

'Proven throughout history for physical, mental and spiritual rejuvenation, fasting promotes cleansing and healing; helps normalize weight, blood pressure, cholesterol; rebuilds the immune system; and helps reverse the ageing process. If we are to get these poisons out of our bodies we must fast. By fasting we give our bodies a physiological rest. This rest builds Vital Force. The more Vital Force we have, the more toxins are going to be eliminated from the body to help keep it clean, pure and healthy.' Patricia Bragg . M.D


This program requires total commitment, focus, dedication and complete responsibility to self.