Who We Are

Accredited Practicing Colon Hydrotherapist

Colon Hydrotherapy is a safe and effective method of naturally cleansing the colon of built up toxicity and harmful waste material.

Also commonly known as 'colonics' or 'colonic irrigation' Colon Hydrotherapy involves the controlled, gentle rinsing of the colon with warm water via the rectum to remove accumulated waste.

Owner and lead therapist, Nardia, is one of Adelaide’s most experienced colon hydrotherapists, starting her personal process with colon hydrotherapy at a young age.

After experiencing the transformation in her own and many others lives, Nardia realised this was essential to our overall health and well-being. She became accredited and began her practice.

Adelaide Wellness Clinic was birthed due to personal experience with chronic dis-ease, which Nardia knows and understands well.

From a young age,  Nardia felt drawn to people, health and well-being, and making a difference in people’s lives. It led her down a path of curiosity to know more about the body and the mind, and the significant connection between the digestive system and the brain.

Over 4,000 colonics later and achieving her Advanced Certificate in Holistic Colon Hydrotherapy, she is one of Australia's most qualified holistic therapists.

Through each and every session, you will be assisted by a fully trained female colon hydrotherapist with a strong focus on safety, digestive health, lifestyle and cellular health.

'All dis-ease begins in the gut' Hippocrates.


Accredited Practicing Clinical Nutritionist

We provide support and advice for sustainable healthy eating, weight loss, disordered eating, food intolerances and numerous medical conditions including chronic illness and autoimmune dis-ease.

We like to do this without following the fads and trends, without use of unnecessary supplementation, with the understanding and knowledge that our bodies are innate, and given the right condition have the ability to heal.

Whilst we must keep the inflammation as low as possible, we also address the underlying cause with the focus in stopping dis-ease progression and prevention.

We assist this with the practice of colon hydrotherapy, gentle cleansing and healing of the digestive system.


Accredited Practicing Counsellor

Trust is a valued thing and needs to be earned. Relationships with trust are important - this includes the relationships and trust we have with our therapists.

We work with you practically, emotionally and energetically which allows for space and time to delve more deeply and completely into the areas of your life you desire to receive guidance in.

Walking beside you gently - we are able to nurture movement and balance to the heart in a way that you will start to FEEL. With this comes healing in a way that may prevent chronic illness, discomfort, hate, self-loathing, and perfectionism.

Our practice is gentle, nurturing and with a strong focus on speaking less and listening more. 

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Accredited Practicing Bodyworker

All peoples have methods for hands-on therapy, what we now call bodywork.

The Cherokee people of North America were well versed in body therapies and energy healing. They developed a comprehensive, sophisticated bodywork system that encompassed a form of osteopathic massage and manipulation, breath, and energy work. Central to this technique are the alternation of deep pressure and gentle rocking release. The breath was also used to reanimate the body and draw energy into affected tissues. They also used scanning and healing as a source of energy medicine.

Nardia had the privilege of sitting with Cherokee elders and mentors whilst living in North America. Presented with the opportunity to work with and learn the Cherokee healing techniques whilst on their land, she continues to practice these techniques as part of her holistic approach. Working with you gently unravelling the soul, removing physical and emotional pain - restoring strength and resilience into your body, calm to your mind and love to your heart.

This is done in the Cherokee way of seeing, shifting, massage, healing touch, and noncontact healing. Often the hands are used to sweep away or remove intrusions or to brush in healing energy.

Our health and well-being is the most precious resource we have in our lives. Our hope moving forward is to set the benchmark for treatment of chronic dis-ease. We are dedicated to upholding our core values at the heart of what we practice and our mission: Inquiry | Presence | Integrity | Service | Practice | Compassion