'I have been regularly visiting Adelaide Wellness Clinic for over 6 months now, mostly doing organic coffee infusions with the lovely ladies Nardia and Alex, but also for infrared sauna and salt cabin sessions. I have genuinely seen such a huge shift in my health, and I cannot say how thankful I am for the health advice and treatment that this clinic has provided me with. I am always greeted with the warmest welcome from Lili, offering to fill up my drink bottle and ensuring I am feeling settled before my appointments. She has worked tirelessly to fit me in the busy schedule, and the consistent and thorough guidance from Nardia has set me up with every chance to succeed and improve my symptoms. I have seen the most change in my cycle, with much less discomfort/mood changes. With my focus on Nardia’s advice, in addition to consistent coffee infusions, each month I have felt better and brighter. My mental health has seen a big positive shift, as well as my skin, energy, digestion, sleep and focus. I am in awe of the transformation after just a few months, I’m forever grateful! Alex has the most calming and thoughtful energy, Nardia has mentored me so closely and kindly and provides a wealth of knowledge, and Lili ensures I leave every appointment with a big smile on my face. These women have the genuine passion to see clients heal and become their best selves, and it has been such a pleasure to feel so included and cared for in their practice. Thank you times a million!' ~ S.B



‘Sometimes a diagnosis kicks you into the action that you know you’ve been needing to take for some time. Mine was the big ‘C’! (Stage 1). I’m an introvert and regimented in my ways and have been for years. Early to rise, coffees, cigarettes, and at the desk slogging away for long hours. When I spoke quietly about my diagnosis to a close friend, I was referred to see Nardia. I am not going to lie, I was a little sceptical, although I had experienced colonic irrigation many years ago. Entering the clinic, I was nervous and agitated - yet immediately hit with a sense of calm. I was greeted by Lili, this angelic warm, gentle, nurturing nature - I felt even more at ease. Then, I was hit by the next level of this with Nardia - paired with a knowledge, experience, wisdom and honesty that was required albeit delivered with a smile, always a smile. I very quickly realised this was not just about colonic irrigation. I wanted everything, all of the answers, all of the knowledge and all of the treatments, the programs that I heard about. With a gentleness I was advised that this may not be the best approach for me. I was very quickly informed that whilst we cannot wait, and we need to take action, we also need to take an individual case by case approach. In other words “slow down”. I asked many questions and they were welcomed, which felt foreign to me. I felt like I was being heard. I took on what was suggested to me in our first session, starting with hydrating my body properly and specifically to me, a referral to someone who could help me with my smoking, a longer series of colonics on a very regular basis, and off I went nervous but determined. Through each of my colon hydrotherapy sessions with Nardia I was guided through small and achievable changes with my nutrition, some funky massage and work being done on my abdomen, the time to speak, the time to listen and the time for silence. Somehow, this powerful gift that Nardia has to deliver what is required without even asking. 11 months has passed and I am now free of the big ‘C’, I am 28kg down, I no longer smoke, I no longer take medication for anxiety, cholesterol or high blood pressure. I am no longer existing, I am living. Thank you Nardia and team for the space you have created for me and many others to heal, continue to heal, to feel welcome as we are and as we come. I am and will always be forever grateful.’ ~ Anonymous



'I was initially referred by a friend to see Nardia. I had no expectations, it was all new to me. I decided to book my first appointment because I was concerned with my bloating and low food tolerance - I found my body reacting to gluten and I was diagnosed with dairy intolerance. I tried intermittent fasting but wasn't getting anywhere. Since seeing Nardia she educated me why it was important to make some changes to my water intake and the plate. From here I slowly began to see improvements in my digestion. While supporting my liver through coffee infusions, Nardia continued to educate me and answer all my questions relating to food and health. The Nutrition Education was a game changer - I treat the notes I have made from this as my little bible! Now I do my best to have 3 well balanced meals, and place an emphasis on breakfast, which is huge for me as I used to only eat in the evenings. Now my energy is stable throughout the day, with no afternoon crashes! What's more, is through practicing all this, I've actually lost 5kg's without trying. I love coming to see Nardia, it feels like each time my stomach improves a little more and it’s quality time to check-in with myself and my health. I feel so much better about my stomach, with less bloat and discomfort - even while eating dairy products and foods containing gluten. I'm so excited to think about how my body and health will continue to change as I continue to make my wellness a priority.' ~ A.M. 



'I started with a consult and Colon Hydrotherapy with Nardia. I was really impressed with the amount of information I received in regards to digestion and she agreed with a lot of things I already incorporated around nutrition but also altered a few things I was doing that was not the best for my everyday health and once altered made a big difference in bloating. The Colon Hydrotherapy itself made a huge difference and she explained what was happening while making me feel very comfortable in a process that I was initially nervous about. We also discussed the benefits for the liver through an Organic Coffee Infusion so I booked quarterly sessions and see huge benefits from this after every session, again there is a lot of explaining and no discomfort. I explained I did have a reaction to a skincare product I used and for over a year I had a slightly bumpy irritated rash under one eye and now flaky dryness on my forehead and nose that wouldn’t go away after exfoliating and Nardia suggested Salt Therapy. I bought a package with multiple sessions but after just one, the flakiness and irritation went away completely and now I only go every few weeks when my schedule allows it for the general benefits. From my personal experience, I highly recommend Nardia and her services for anyone looking to support their general health and the friends I have sent to her have also loved their experience.' ~ K.L.



'I am a 42 year old woman. At the age of 40 I was told I was in menopause and all symptoms followed - hot flushes, weight gain especially around the middle, headaches, weak nails etc. Soon after I was told I had an under active thyroid and found it very hard to lose weight. I was referred to see Nardia at Adelaide Wellness Clinic and very quickly felt at ease and like I was in the right place at the right time. I  started with colon hydrotherapy and during these 2 sessions learnt about the benefits of the far infrared sauna and nutrition in supporting my healing. I incorporated the sauna on a weekly regime and loved how everything was explained to me thoroughly and in a way that I could understand, and very quickly snapped up the opportunity for one on one nutrition education with Nardia. As I continued all of this through November and December in a beautiful and peaceful space I am happy to report that my body felt totally refreshed with each session. In this time I lost 6.3kgs in weight and felt really wonderful. Before commencing I had not had a menstrual cycle for 2 years, and in this short period of time I experienced 3 periods. After specialists had told me, no more babies were possible, something magical happened. I am 13 weeks pregnant! We were not trying to fall pregnant, but we are both extremely happy. I feel anyone that does any of the programs on offer, will gain enormous benefits and get back to health. I now know how special Nardia and Adelaide Wellness clinic are, and hope more people take the time to find out for themselves.’ ~ Jenny



‘Nardia delivers her Nutrition Education Experience with great knowledge, passion and professionalism. Engaging both the group and the individual respectively. The information received was both varied, engaging, informative, enlightening and provided more than one surprise! By the end of the course l was left feeling supported and empowered. As such l have no hesitation in highly recommending attendance’. ~ Darren Bailey



’Arthritic, pre-menopausal and overweight at 52 and I learnt about infrared sauna benefits. I was referred to Adelaide Wellness Clinic, and although a little skeptical, the time taken to explain all of the benefits made sense. I have had 13 sessions in the infrared sauna. After my first session, and for the first time in several months, the arthritic pain in my hands all but disappeared. I was then taken to the next level with advice on dry skin brushing, with a thorough demonstration and my pain continued to shift after each session. I have been able to sleep without waking in the middle of the night, which has increased my energy and allowed for me to be more active. I am a skeptical person in general, however so grateful for the referral to this beautiful space, and Nardia, who genuinely (and generously) shares what seems like never ending knowledge. Hydration, perspiration and 40 minutes of calm and time to myself - added bonus no joint pain and energy! Thank you so much.’ ~ Maria



‘12 months ago my wife and I decided to seek help as we had been trying to fall pregnant but to no avail. We were given the name of Nardia at Adelaide Wellness Clinic, and after our first consult we were flabbergasted at the level of education. We were advised to have some very simple testing through our GP to avoid huge costs, with the understanding that we may have the presence of heavy metals. When we got the results back we were a little shocked to see the high lead and mercury levels in our bodies, it was a no brainer for us to take on the cleanse program which we were able to do remotely as we live quite a distance from Adelaide. Not only did we learn about the importance of quality nutrition, but also the inclusion of far infrared sauna. Fortunately, with the help of Nardia we were able to source one locally so we could commit to a regular regime. After 4 months of regular use the results were amazing, our mercury and lead levels came down considerably and after a further 4 months of treatment my wife’s mercury levels were quite insignificant. It took a further 6 months of quality nutrition and incorporating the rituals that Nardia so beautifully teaches to build up our bodies before we achieved our goal, my wife fell pregnant, and we are now the parents to a beautiful bundle of joy, paired with sleepless nights - we are loving every minute. We highly recommend Nardia, and Adelaide Wellness Clinic to anyone who is serious about their health.’  G and M Caroccia



‘I heard about cleansing and the benefits it does to the body but I was so scared to do it on my own. I’ve been wanting to do it guided by a professional. So when I learned that Adelaide Wellness Clinic is offering it, I enrolled in the program without any second thoughts. I should say that it’s the best thing I’ve ever done to my body. It wasn’t an easy process and it takes 100% commitment and focus to get the best out of it. Nardia helped me a lot during the process. The support and encouragement that she gave me was excellent and I’m really grateful I did it with Nardia. She’s a blessing and she’s also very generous with information. She educated me on proper nutrition and how to look after my health. Prior to the cleanse, I had rashes, very dry skin, heartburn, migraine and joint pains on my knees and feet. There were times I feel tired and my energy was low. Third day of my cleanse, my joint pains were gone. My rashes were slowly getting clearer and my skin was better. And now it’s been a few months after my cleanse, I still feel good without any joint pains and rashes. I don’t have migraine attacks and heartburn as before, I feel good and I feel healthy. My energy is better as well. The cleanse taught me to slow down, to listen to my body and to appreciate life and to commit to better health and lifestyle. I learned that the body would heal itself if we help it achieve the conditions of its healing capacity. It was all worth it! I’m really grateful to Nardia for everything and also Lili for all the help and know you’ll be able to help more people improve their health.’ Emmylou Santos



‘I have received therapy from Nardia at the Adelaide Wellness Clinic for over three years. My initial colonic therapy was successful in clearing bowels that had not responded to laxatives following high intensity chemotherapy drugs. Further treatment was needed to fight my cancer so I continued with scheduled colonic cleansing to help remove toxins and keep my bowels regular. I feel this was invaluable in helping my body recover and maintain health between cancer treatments. My wife would often notice improvement in my colour and mood following a cleanse and I am confident it reduced the amount of time I needed to stay or return to hospital. Nardia also helped with nutrition explaining the importance of hydration, desirable foods and their correct proportions. The team at Adelaide Wellness Clinic are welcoming, caring and attentive to any concerns. Half way through this year I finally achieved remission. I cannot thank the team enough for the support they provided during this difficult time.’ Anonymous 



’I went to Nardia a few months ago now, referred by a good friend of mine. It was not far off an outpatient program Nardia offers. After seeing Nardia a couple of times, it was a no brainer to jump on the program. It was not only an amazing experience, it helped me look at things in life so differently. Not only is Nardia one of the most knowledgeable people I have ever met with nutrition, her kind way gives you a totally different view on life . With the busy day to day of running a business, it helped me take a step back and look further. I loved getting in touch with myself again. Spiritually, emotionally and physically, it showed me the importance of rest, not just sleep but mentally resting, hydration and how amazing it is to get out for a walk for your body and mind. I must say the sauna then ocean dip was definitely my fave. Nardia you are such an amazing human. Highly recommend it. See to self!' - Love Dino



‘My first consultation with Nardia was in September 2021 after feeling unwell for many years. I had suffered from migraines since my early teens and in the past few years my body had felt unwell and needed some attention. Nardia’s first meeting with me was something that I have never experienced from any GP or Naturopath Practitioner. Her knowledge and guidance to healing the body from within was a breath of fresh air, finally someone who could help me. Initially I did a water colon hydrotherapy and then I progressed to a coffee infusion hydrotherapy which both had positive outcomes. Nardia provided me with education and support throughout this process and made it a positive journey for me to start repairing my body. I was determined to heal my body and take on the knowledge and strategies from Nardia. She provided me with a basic outpatient program which I took on and completely immersed myself into allowing my body to repair itself. The experience during the program was accelerating and empowering. After completing the outpatient program I have not suffered from any migraines for nearly two years. This completely changed my life and the freedom of having no migraines has allowed me to live my life without the debilitating pain I suffered for so many years. Nardia’s kind natured personality is so extremely infectious and her passion for helping and supporting people is rare to find. My mind has been educated by Nardia providing me with nutritional knowledge but also guiding me to have a positive mindset. She has given me encouragement and direction all the way. Now after doing a second outpatient program, focusing on chronic condition, including a very specific nutritional component and workshop, I have had success within myself. My body has finally responded and feeling the way I used to if not better. The changes have been internally, physically and mentally. My mindset is so strong and positive and my body feels like it has been reset, repaired, restored and healed. I have so much respect for this amazing person who has the ability to provide people with the tools to succeed within themselves. The education from Nardia is forever instilled into my life now. I am so grateful and honoured to have met her and cannot thank her enough. She has also been a great support person for my children and I while we have been navigating through some personal issues. My children and I have cherished her kindness and her listening ear. I truly feel blessed to have someone like her change my life in such a positive light. I have recommended her to many family and friends because I believe her knowledge and practices can help and have helped me. Nardia you are now like a family member to my family and we adore you. Thank you Nardia’ - MP



’Nardia, Alex and team at Adelaide Wellness Clinic came at just the right time for me after suffering severe nausea, unbalanced hormones / bloating / stomach issues for years. This was my last attempt before going on medication recommended by my gastroenterologist. After four colonics and following Nardia's advice I have been astounded at my new found energy. My symptoms are improving day by day and I am feeling amazing. Nardia and Alex are extremely knowledgeable and you can tell straight away that they simply care about helping you. I was a little hesitant to have a colonic but I’m blown away by how relaxing it was and how much better I feel. Don’t hesitate to make an appointment; you will wish you had gone years ago. Forever grateful' - Renay Batty



‘I have recently completed the outpatient program with Nardia and her team. The knowledge Nardia has shared has enabled me to stop all my fad diets and concentrate on good, solid, healthy nutrition. As a result I have lost a massive 23 kilograms and a total of 23 cms. My health has improved so much that under my GP’s supervision I have stopped taking medication for high blood pressure (which I have taken for 35 years)! I have found a new confidence from within and I have remembered the importance of being kind, making time and loving myself. Thank you for this opportunity to be the best version of myself!’ - Wendy Johns



’After the salt session - the discolouration on my thigh and itch disappeared almost overnight - the shift was immediate with what you said was a fungi or bacteria. I am more thirsty now, my body wants more water. Did not know that was possible and drinking the water based on the science has been such an amazing thing. I tend to feel fresh all the time. Today, I double and triple checked, I saw a glow on my skin. I thought I was hallucinating or perhaps the products I was using but no, today, I used the bare minimum products - 2 to be precise. Even my colleague asked, what is it today? You look brighter!’ - Edel Kinuthia 



’I contacted Nardia during a time of desperation. I had experienced 10 years of bloating, pain, brain fog and fatigue and I had lost hope. The constant advertising of different supplements and bloating solutions was becoming very confusing! For years I had been told I had IBS or that it was anxiety. I spent a lot of time and money on various gut health protocols and had seen many naturopaths. As soon as I spoke to Nardia on the phone I felt like a weight had been lifted, she had compassion and I felt understood. Nardia generously took the time to talk me through some strategies I could put in place untill she could get me in to see her. Since then I have had monthly coffee Infusions which have steadily improved my gut and mental health. I have also used the beautiful Infared sauna and had salt therapy. Nardia has a gentle and honest approach. She is highly educated and delivers all her knowledge in a simple way, making it easy to apply small changes to your everyday life. Each session benefits your mind, body and soul. I feel extremely fortunate to have come across Nardia. I could not recommend AWC more.’ - Grace Todman 



‘I am so grateful for Nardia and the team. Nardia came into my life at the perfect moment and I knew from the second we met that I was in safe and understanding hands. She is beyond educated and phenomenal at what she does. I have noticed massive changes mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. I recommend my friends and anyone interested in her therapies to check them out. I feel blessed every day for our paths crossing. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.’ - Aimee Heywood



'I was feeling bloated and heavy so I explored on setting an appointment with Adelaide Wellness Clinic for colon hydrotherapy. Never done it before but I was willing to try as I read some health books about it. During my first session with Nardia, I felt I was at the right place and at the right time. She provided a lot of information about gut health, good nutrition and energy. I’ve been already a conscious healthy eater but I realized from Nardia that there’s more to it. And above all - WATER. She educated me to drink the right amount of water at the right time. My second session with Nardia was a coffee infusion. Each session gave me a feeling of lightness overall. And surprisingly, when I got my period, there was no period pain.  It felt like a miracle as I never experienced a period without pain. Such an amazing experience! My overall health has improved, too. I still need to work on  a lot of things but I’m grateful for Nardia’s guidance. I just finished attending her Nutrition Class  and practicing what I learned. I’m more conscious now to eat healthy and aim to live healthy and with energy.  I’m booked for a Cleanse Program and I’m looking forward to it. I hope more people will learn and experience Nardia’s practice. Thanks Nardia and I’m grateful for what you do.' - Emmylou



‘Seeing Nardia has changed my life, after dealing with Hashimoto Disease for over 15 years and going to doctor to doctor not getting the help I really needed I luckily decided to go to Adelaide Wellness Clinic, I started the cleanse program which I am still currently continuing and have had massive changes feeling like I have had so much more energy then I’ve ever had, no more brain fog, happier and lost lots of weight and cms off my body. Nadia is an extremely kind, supportive and caring person who really cares about her clients and has a lot of knowledge. I have learned so much from her. Nadia lets you know what to do, but explains the science behind why she does what she does. Everyone at the clinic are very kind and supportive. Lili the receptionist is always kind and helpful. The only thing I would say is you need to be ready to change as it’s not easy and you need the mental discipline but if you are ready then it will change your life for the better. Thanks so much Nardia and everyone at Adelaide Wellness Clinic’ - Renee Bartsch



‘In October 2022 I participated in Nardia’s guided Cleansing Program with the overall aim of reducing inflammation in my body and reducing the size of my thyroid. My inflammation markers strangely hit 100 in August with no medical explanation and my thyroid had tripled in size making it difficult for me to swallow. I found the experience challenging and empowering in equal measure. Not only did my thyroid substantially reduce in size, but I had so much less pain in my body overall. By December 2022 I lost about 8 kg in weight and learned how to feed myself in a way that did not inflame my system. My cholesterol went down and my overall blood test results were excellent in every area. I no longer have vertigo and brain fog, which I experienced after my 3rd Pfizer vaccine in Jan 2022. I also learned how to get into the freezing cold ocean after my infrared sauna without fear, even on days when it was raining and windy and the beach was completely isolated. This was truly energising both physically and mentally. The Cleansing Program is not for people who have little self-awareness or struggle with commitment. I was very disciplined and followed Nardia’s instructions exactly. I also did about 6 weeks of preparation which included giving up all chocolate, biscuits, bread before the one week intensive and body brushing every day. I already don’t drink alcohol, coffee, tea, smoke or take any medication. I then continued to follow the nutrition program for auto immune issues. Nardia’s feedback throughout was helpful and encouraging. Highly recommended if you have the mental discipline to follow instructions and are not phased by all the challenging thoughts that will come up during the one week intensive. By the way, I’m 58 years old.’ - AM



‘Adelaide Wellness Clinic has been 'The transformation' of my life. I have always seen myself as a health-conscious individual: practicing daily yoga, eating healthy, and living an organic life, but I have also always struggled with regular bowel movements and suffered from endometriosis throughout my teen, 20s, and 30s - this has always been a challenge, fighting to find the best choice in foods and nourishment. Grief and menopause, are at the forefront of my more recent battles: fluid retention, fatigue, insomnia, restless legs, joint pain, and weight gain just to name a few. On the journey to find a practitioner who will understand and pinpoint my symptoms - I tried ayurvedic medicine, Naturopath, and GP - taking copious amounts of herbals and altering my dietary intake; this was only making my symptoms worse, along with more weight gain. I have been privileged to work alongside Nardia in the past and have known her personally, so what more knowledgeable, caring, professional individual to have by my side to guide me through this transformation? AWC has many services and a wonderful Cleanse Program I have personally been fortunate to undertake. Nardia and her beautiful team of gentle humans were the essence of the success of the program. I am now at Day 16 and have already made some very obvious physical changes, the first main change: is the reduction in joint pain, the best nights of sleep in more than a year, and the shift in the fluid. Through the program, Nardia has been incredible with her knowledge, above and beyond with support, and most importantly her faith in me. Hormone medication, was my last option if this Cleanse Program was not successful, but with all my might, this was not an option, in my mind. The changes are daily and I can only say 'hooray' and thank goodness for AWC......I look forward to remaining on this educational path now knowing how 'fitting' it has been for me!!!  Just takes a 'bag full of mental strength' and a team of sublime individuals. Thank you, AWC' - Nancy Coppola



'I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis. My knee  pain was intense and I had inflammation and limited mobility.  After experiencing a few slips and falls I lost confidence in walking. My world had become  very small.  I booked a Colon Hydrotherapy session with  Nardia. I was anxious because I had never experienced this type of therapy before but was immediately put at ease by a warm welcome from Nardia and a sense of calm.  Nardia provided valuable information about my gut health and comprehensive advice.  For the first time in two years, I was hopeful. Above all, Nardia is non-judgemental, compassionate, kind and she provides a safe space. This was followed by the Organic Coffee Infusion therapy.  In a short period of time, the results have been phenomenal. I am now able to walk with confidence. I have little to no knee pain. I feel hopeful for the future and have a new lease on life. Thank you Nardia. I am immensely grateful.' - Elize Menezes



'The highlight of our afternoon was, hands down, The Salt Cabin! Something so simple but I cannot believe how incredibly healing this was for the boys! A 40 minute session helped Sam, Joe, my Mum and I breathe much easier. Joe was so congested before we entered, Sam’s eyes were red and bloodshot, he couldn’t stop sneezing. ALL of that was gone following our one family treatment. Very cool! We will be back!!! I haven’t seen Sam this well in weeks. His energy is through the roof and my Mum and I could not stop laughing at his abundance of energy and sense of humor on the way home. Thank you for opening up your very special, calming space to us on a public holiday!’ - Melanie Morris



’My experience with Nardia has completely changed my life. I came to her with 40 + years of severe gut/bowel issues. In this time I have spent thousands and thousands of dollars trying to overcome constipation, nothing really worked or if it did it was only effective for a short period. I won’t list all of the effects of constipation here but if you have it you know your just existing, there is no real joy in your life because you are in a constant state of trying to deal with all the horrible outcomes this condition puts on you. Within my first visit I felt finally, for the first time, I might be in the right place with the right person that I may actually be able to overcome my gut hell. (Overcome - I cannot believe I just used that word, for many years now I just thought I’d die in the next 10 years of bowel cancer & there seemed nothing I could do about it). With Nardia’s knowledge, then really practicing her education this has changed my life from daily struggles to one of total enjoyment. Constipation is a terrible distraction from life. I’m sure the mechanics are extremely important but it’s her sincerity and energy (this seems to linger with you long after your visit is over) that for me makes Nardia a true healer. Thank you Nardia.' - Carolyn Williams



‘Finding Nardia & the Adelaide Wellness Clinic & completing one of Nardia’s Outpatient Programs was the best thing I have ever done that has help improve a lot of my health issues. I have struggled with stomach issues for most of my life. I had been having so much trouble & discomfort & as the years went on it was just getting worse & I had been feeling so unwell for way too long. Over the last 5 years it had led to chronic constipation. I ended up having an Endoscopy & Colonoscopy & my Gastroenterologist just said it was most likely IBS & just said everything is slowing down. I believed that there had to be an answer somewhere to help my system get back working better but everything that I had tried had not worked. I hated taking medications & I knew that medications were not the answer & I also knew that these medications were only going to cause more damage in the long term. Thankfully it was suggested that I should try having a Colonic Irrigation & that is how I came across finding Nardia & her Adelaide Wellness Clinic. After completing the Outpatient Program not only are my bowels back working normally again, I am having a lot less stomach pains, nausea, bloating & discomfort. Over the last couple of years, I had also been diagnosed with high cholesterol & now my levels are all back in a healthy normal range. I had also been suffering with a lot of pain & tenderness in my body over many years & after completing the Outpatient Program my pain & tenderness reduced significantly - my ESR levels (inflammation marker) which were originally at 20 are now down to 5. Nardia is such a beautiful, warm & caring soul & her space at Adelaide Wellness Clinic is so calming & inviting. Nardia truly listens & cares about you & what you have to say. Her knowledge is abundant & I appreciate so much your willingness to share it with us all. I am forever grateful that I found you Nardia & I truly appreciate all that you have done for me. You went out of your way to squeeze me in to your already busy schedule & the continued guidance, kindness & support that you have shown me is sincerely appreciated. I am still a work in progress but I believe I have finally been given the right guidance & tools to help me keep improving my health & wellbeing – thank you Nardia.‘ - Kerri Wallent



‘From my first phone call, I knew that Nardia and Adelaide Wellness Clinic was where I needed to be. Arriving at the clinic solidified this for me even more. I was enchanted by the space and Nardia. This atmosphere, this calm, this silence something I hadn’t felt for sometime after being on a ventilator for 16 days with Covid when hospitalised in May. When I came out of hospital, my breathing was very weak. I couldn’t walk 20 minutes without feeling short of breath and fatigued. I was referred to Nardia by a dear friend who thought she and the salt therapy may be able to assist. Nardia took the time and care to sit with me before my session, explain everything in detail, nurture my emotion and tears given my recent ordeal. Once inside the cabin, Nardia talked through a series of breathing and stretching exercises - and stayed with me as I asked her to. She delayed her next patient in order for this to happen, 4 sessions later and I feel so much better. My physical and emotional condition is improving. I can breathe and I am back to walking daily for 45 minutes without struggle. I have chosen to continue with a maintenance plan which is very affordable and as Nardia gently explains true health is about prevention. Thank you so much Nardia for your genuine care, beautiful space and continued support.’ - Diedre Hoffman


'What a beautiful and calming experience. Having salt therapy in the beautiful surroundings of @adelaidewellness the health benefits of this therapy is numerous! 3 weeks post covid for Scott he’s still feeling a bit flat and congested but after today’s session he was feeling much better and my skin felt amazing. I highly recommend! Thanks to Nardia and the team @adelaidewellness for their upmost professional and knowledgeable manner.’ - Kellie Bailey


‘I have had a long history of sinus and ear problems including wax build up. I required ear syringes regularly. After several courses of antibiotics for a sinus infection with no relief I decided to try Salt Therapy. Since undergoing a course in Salt Therapy at Adelaide Wellness Clinic my sinus problem has improved dramatically. After the second session I noticed an improvement in my sinus pain. I have not had my ears syringed for a couple of months and they feel clearer than they have in such a long time. Nardia has put together an affordable management plan moving forward, which is about prevention rather than expensive and invasive treatments. Also, love the quiet relaxing session especially after work!’ - Jane



‘I have had a very complex health history. 21 years ago when I was 8 I was experiencing a lot of pain. Being so young with pains in my joints I was often ignored or told I had growing pains. Over time I began to hear and believe that it must be in my head. It was so limiting that I felt going to school and later to work was becoming impossible. I spent a lot of time in and out of hospital and tried all sorts of treatments over the years. In general, I had huge difficulty with walking and sitting and any kind of social activities were not on my agenda. After many ups and downs, my body had pretty much had enough. I developed disabling fatigue and had succumbed to my life being driven by both this and pain. I was struggling to walk, struggling to leave the house, struggling to do a lot of basic things. My fatigue specifically involved crashing. I could do little bits every so often, but then I would constantly deal with trying to catch up and get back to a manageable level because my symptoms would get so difficult. I felt very, very unwell. I was referred to Nardia by a friend - what a life changing experience! Her understanding of chronic conditions is something I haven’t experienced. Gentle at times, but also very real with me when needed Nardia allowed me to become more aware of the structures and relationships I had in my life. I began to see things differently as an adult and it challenged me deeply. I was doubtful. “No way is this going to work. This will not help.” After our first appointment, I left with with a tiny part of my brain thinking “maybe Tania, just maybe this might work” but I was still telling myself, “nope, absolutely not.” I cannot believe that within 2 months of seeing Nardia that I am virtually pain free, energy better than it has ever been and I am walking (albeit slowly) for 1 hour every day. I still have a way to go but now see Nardia only if and when I feel necessary and she is always at the other end of the phone if I have questions. Nardia - words cannot express my gratitude for your nurturing, but honest when needed gift of knowledge. It has been terrifying, breathtaking, joyful and simply incredible. I never thought this was possible.’ - Tania Moore



‘Nardia provides a supreme service of kindness, compassion, empathy and education in health issues of the body, mind and heart. Nardia’s entire service is completely comprehensive and offered with a humanity that I’ve not experienced in any health professional to this degree. Nardia is also gifted with a sense to read many aspects of a person and their health, intuitively; and does so impeccably. I believe Nardia has crafted her practice and practise in order to ensure improved and optimal health can be achieved for her patients as soon as possible, often with simple and easily achievable nutritional/life choices. I was very vulnerable when I was treated by Nardia, and the fluidity of her personality and comprehensive methods all ensure that no energy is required by me that I don’t have. Nardia is a very safe place, as is her practice, which is beautifully established, furnished, decorated and cared for. Nardia offers exceptional quality equipment, which reflects the uncompromising quality of Nardia’s endeavour to bring best health outcomes. There is no aspect of being treated or by being in Nardia’s presence that hasn’t been carefully considered; and intimately developed and maintained. Nardia has more abilities, gifts and talents within herself; and also a deep ethical foundation that carefully considers all aspects of her patients while being treated. It is overwhelming for me to fathom how Nardia gives all that she does; and so well, yet these are all the hallmarks of a true believer. I have a quality of life, clarity of mind and energy that I didn’t before; and all by implementing some very simple changes. Health is the greatest wealth; and Nardia is solely committed to taking care of all those who see her. Thank you, Nardia.' - Adrian Stunden



‘Finding Nardia at the Adelaide Wellness Clinic was like a dream come true. Nardia called me within 24 hours of receiving my online booking request. I instantly felt her warm and caring nature over the phone. Finally, I had found someone that wanted to help me. It was like a massive weight had been lifted. I finally have a support person and somebody I can trust to help me. On my arrival to the clinic, it was so beautiful and relaxing. The minute you walk through the door your feel such a calmness and warmth. I knew I was in good hands. At my first consultation with Nardia she blew me away with her wealth of knowledge around the digestive system. She spent over 2 hours with me, and I was learning so much about the human body. It was then I realized that everything I had been doing to ‘Be Healthy’ was causing me harm. We chatted the whole way through the Colon Hydrotherapy session, and it was very comfortable. I would highly recommend any one to give this a go, and not be frightened to try it. Through my experience with Nardia so many things have changed for me, and these are just a few … After 8 years of using laxatives, due to nerve damage in my pelvis following surgery, my bowels are now opening on their own. This has been consistent change since the day I met Nardia one month ago. This is life changing for me as not being able to open my bowels naturally has caused me so much anxiety and upset in the past when trying to go on holidays, events etc, it has been an embarrassing secret I have kept hidden for years. The key to this miracle was simple – my body required more WATER and at certain times of the day. The best thing about Nardia is she doesn’t want to sell you any supplements and she just gives you quality advice about your water intake and good foods. My whole diet has changed in the past month. I’m back eating dairy foods. No fancy milks like coconut milk or almond milk. I’m eating carbs including sourdough bread and white rice. Since my colon cleanse I haven’t even fancied a chocolate treat! I’m not craving the sweet stuff. I am eating so much more food but never really feeling hungry. My skin is looking so much better and radiant! My eyes are white instead of yellow. I have lost 5kgs in 1 month. I wasn’t looking to lose weight, but I feel so good in my body right now. I still have a bit to go with feeling 100% better, but I know Nardia has given me a head start to being on the right track to finding wellness within my body. If you are considering picking up the phone to Nardia, please don’t hesitate as it will be the best thing you can do for yourself. She is the most amazing human, and I am totally grateful that I found her! Thank you Nardia for being you!’ - Jo Leggett



'I highly recommend colonic services from Adelaide Wellness Clinic. Nardia’s support, advice and expertise has changed my life after years of struggle. The clinic offers a calming environment which is complimented by Nardia’s kind and compassionate nature. I am very grateful to have discovered the clinic.' - Rebecca Petrovic



‘My time at Adelaide Wellness Clinic has been life changing. Like many, I came there with a fixed mindset and looking for a quick fix that so many promise but rarely can deliver. Within 15 minutes of speaking to Nardia, I began to realise that this was not going to be the case. Nardia will work with you, give up her own time to accommodate you. However, like she says "she can't fix anyone, they have to want to do the hard work themselves first". Every time you leave the clinic, you feel empowered, wanting to better yourself and ready to take on the world. The whole team at the clinic are accommodating and supportive. Even when you leave, the ongoing support is phenomenal. Just when you're about to get stuck in your old habits or routine again, you can hear Nardia's voice of wisdom in the back of your head, along with the occasional check in text message aswell. If you're looking for wholesome knowledge with pure intention in relation to your well-being, then you're looking in the right spot. Forever grateful for the help and support at Adelaide Wellness Clinic.’ - Bianca Vallelonga



‘Meeting Nardia has truly changed my life. I first came to her with various gut and inflammatory issues and have now found all of them resolved or greatly reduced. I’ve found my emotional state has also drastically improved - symbolically, as I was physically letting go of waste in the session, Nardia was guiding me through emotionally letting go of mental and emotional waste. What stood out to me most was Nardia’s transparency. She told me from the first session if she didn’t think she could help, she would let me know, she wouldn’t keep me coming back for the sake of it. She has also never sold me any products or supplements – she’s kept it simple and basic, encouraging me to drink more water as a daily habit and just doing that alone has made a wonderful difference to how I feel. The biggest improvement however is the difference in my periods. I had experienced ‘unexplained’ period pain for the past five years. Six months ago, I had a laparoscopy which found widespread endometriosis. Although the endometriosis was removed, I was still experiencing painful periods each month, which doctors and even alternative practitioners could not explain. It also meant I was dependant on harsh pain-relieving drugs every month, which created more issues! When I saw Nardia for a regular appointment, expressing my hopelessness of still experiencing pain, she comforted me and helped me regain faith back in my body – that I could help reduce inflammation and restore balance through the colonics but mainly my mindset had to shift. After that session (on day 1 of my period), I did not need to take any pain relief for the remainder of that period. Not even a Panadol, and I hadn’t been able to do that for over 5 years. I felt some dull sensations in my pelvis but nothing I could call painful or even uncomfortable (or nothing a hot water bottle couldn’t fix). I spent time with family, walked my dog, read my book, all during those first few days of my cycle. I felt normal and my life didn’t have to be put on hold for a week - something I could have only ever dreamed of. I’m so grateful for Nardia, her beautiful clinic, and my body for showing me what it is capable of, given the right physical and emotional support.‘ - Lauren Andary



’Nardia is the epitome of a kind & gentle soul. Her knowledge & willingness to share it feels so valuable, & each time I’ve been to the clinic I leave feeling lighter in both mind & body. I truly can’t recommend her services enough, especially if you’re struggling with chronic health issues (or even if you’re not & just want to do something great for yourself). Your trust will be rewarded here! Mine certainly has been.’ - Holly Palmer



’Having suffered with an auto immune disease for over 20 years I was hopeful that, having been recommended by a friend, Nardia could help me avoid further reliance on medication. How lucky I was to meet her when I did because when I had a major medical emergency (disease related) which meant I could no longer take the medication I had become reliant on, she led me on a path that has literally changed my life. Nardia's  kindness and knowledge is in abundance. From your first session, Nardia teaches how the small changes you make can have great impact. Some several months on I am healthier, stronger and forever changed. When you feel good in body it gives you the energy to make other changes in your life, big and small, that have a positive impact on not only you, but also those around you. That’s my experience thanks to Nardia, for which I am forever grateful. If you are reading this and looking for better health for any reason, give yourself this gift.' - Renee Wilson



‘Nardia is a God send. I'm so grateful that we were connected and that she could help me. I felt anxious when booking my appointment online, not knowing what to expect. It was as if she knew as she called me not long after I booked just to have a chat. She didn't have to, she could have waited till the appointment, but she did. I really appreciated that and felt more at ease going to my first appointment. Nardia made me feel at ease and I really felt that she cared about my health even before I saw her. Seeing her was even more so. I love her holistic approach to healing. The sessions I had with Nardia have really helped me, I feel more of myself now, less brain fog, more energy and just in a better mental space.  I said this to my friend after seeing her and I'll say it again, if I had money I would buy a session for everyone I know as a gift - everyone needs it. Thank you Nardia, I appreciate you, I appreciate the time you took with me. I appreciate you for always following up despite a very busy schedule. I've never felt so seen to and cared for by a health practitioner. If you are reading this and had any doubts beforehand, please wipe them away, you are in the very best hands. Thank you Nardia’ - Rumbi



‘I cannot even begin to express the gratitude I have for this wonderful human Nardia and the work she does at Adelaide Wellness Clinic. Years upon years of stomach issues, countless bills, diets, naturopaths, regime after regime, and in a point of destitute fate had me find her. As all things in life the most important moments come completely unexpected. An initial colonic but this time resulting in me leaving the session with a smile on my face and a new lease on life. Her immense knowledge, warm kind energy, her ability to genuinely read me and formulate what I needed, bringing me into harmony in such a simple yet elegant way. Over just a few sessions I now have the knowledge and tools I wish I had found many, many years ago. It brings a slight tear to my eyes reflecting on the impact she has had on my life. She is nothing short of an angel. For anyone that has fallen off the health wagon, is willing and open to learn, go find Nardia and let her hold your hand back to full health.’ - Chris Banks



'Nardia was such a dream to work with. I have tried so many different places and professions for help with my digestion and hormone issues and since seeing Nardia my brain fog has finally gone. Her energy is so calming and she makes you feel very comfortable whilst explaining everything in great detail. I feel like I have learnt a lot about the digestive system as well as myself since going to Adelaide Wellness Clinic and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.' - Elizabeth Virgara



’I came to Nardia looking for a “fat camp”, I was so over being a “bigger girl”. Nothing was working, I had 2 weight loss surgeries and both had failed. I was beginning to feel horrible and really starting to resent myself. I was in a desperate state and then found Nardia! My first consultation went well, she educated me on how the digestive system works and how this links in with mental health and how it’s so important! Nardia is extremely professional and so understanding, and so incredibly supportive and most of all so educated! Nardia pointed me in the right direction, and gave me a directive to follow. Since then I have made a simple change and have lost 4 kilos in the first 2 weeks of my journey. My skin started clearing up, I have more energy, and I’m feeling great! My life is starting to change so much and without the help of Nardia constantly supporting me and being by my side I wouldn’t have changed, I would be the same miserable person I was before. Thank you Nardia for being the positive and the amazing person that you are! You are truly a blessing In my life!’ - Nikki Fox



'Seeing Nardia has changed my life; I’m on the road to understanding my gut health & have never felt better. I leave my session with a sense of calmness, well-being and appreciation of the knowledge that Nardia has shared with me.' - Melissa Maida



’Just a little feedback on the coffee infusion. It felt like a colonic drizzled in an extra dream topping all soft warm and fuzzy. When l posed the question, how do l feel afterward, the word aligned popped up, which is perfect fit. I've also had a feeling of calm, both physical and mental. Again as with a colonic, my core feels strong. Drinking water has been easy, and l managed the 3 litres today with ease. Basically l loved the treatment, and once again the gains have been huge. Fix the body, fix the mind, the link is unquestionable. I feel both grateful and privileged, that l'm in the position to be able experience the treatment. Thank you Nardia and take great care of yourself.' - Darren Bailey



‘I had the good fortune to come across the Adelaide Wellness Clinic when recently I decided it was time to have a colonic.  Wow, did I hit the jackpot!! After 3 sessions I feel amazing. And it’s not just the colonics, (which are great!). What is amazing is Nardia’s incredible gift of knowledge, communication and insight into the human body and mind. The moment I was in her space I felt comfortable and at peace. The way Nardia explains the digestive system and the body left me with no doubts that I am now on the best possible path for me.

I listened and took in everything Nardia shared with me. It all resonated with me. Unlike everything before (which I got from the internet, You-tube, books, other people’s “expert “opinions etc…) this was different. I realised in that very first hour that I had allowed myself to be conned by the fads - convinced by people who had never even met me, let alone talked to me, that I needed to do “this or that” eating plan, “this or that” diet, “this or that” exercise regime, mostly which involved drastically changing what I had already been doing. Every time, I would lose some weight. And every time I put more weight back on after a couple of months. It was so disheartening. So here I was now with Nardia and rather than feeling like an idiot who’d let myself be conned, I simply felt peaceful. I can’t really explain it any other way. There was nothing wrong. And for right now, she told me: all my body needed was … water? Yep. Water. Lots of it. Plain and simple. What?? No supplements? No meal replacement shakes and bars that cost a fortune? No strict high protein-low carb/ all protein / high fat-low carb / vegetarian / vegan / keto-genic diet that I can’t possibly maintain?? OK! I’m in! I adopted Nardia’s lessons and it’s been much easier than I thought it would be. I’m eating (and drinking water) in a whole new way. It is so good to be aware of my body’s needs. All the stress I’ve felt in the past about what to eat and when to eat simply isn’t there. I’m in this for the long haul. I want to give my body what it needs so it (and I) can be around for as long as possible. I have a big commitment to fulfil while I am here on the planet, and I need a healthy body to do that! Thank you Nardia for partnering me in this incredible journey of life. As my head hits the pillow each night, I now hear myself saying “I’m grateful”. For the pillow, for the warmth of the bed, for the incredible life I live, for the amazing vessel that my body is – and I’m grateful for you! Thank you so much!' - Kirsten Surch

‘After 2 years of trying to reduce my bloating, fatigue and brain fog I decided to try a colonic irrigation. Nardia has such a calm and supportive manner that puts you right at ease.  Her knowledge of the digestive system, nutrition and overall well-being has turned my life around. I am so happy I have discovered Adelaide Wellness clinic! Thank you Nardia!' - Kate Powell



‘It was the first time in a long time I didn’t feel like a cancer patient. I was 3 days post detox with Nardia and I finally felt in control, and I had a plan to work my way back to physical and mental health. All thanks to Nardia I have simple daily rituals to see to myself, but implementing them in real life isn’t always easy. Nardia goes above and beyond for her clients and has always been just a phone call away to talk, listen, advise and support. She allows me to feel whatever emotions come up and always makes me feel heard. I can’t thank her enough for supporting me not only through this detox and beyond, but through other major life decisions and situations. Thank you for the important work you do. I highly recommend for those wanting to take their healing to another level.’ - Evelyn Szeszycki



’I cannot recommend Nardia more if I tried. She is so caring, kind and knowledgeable. A friend passed on her details to me and I’m forever grateful for the work she has done to help me with my gut, body and mind. Thank you so much.' - Philish Eigz



‘Nardia is a wonderful practitioner,  right from the start I felt at ease and comfortable.  Nardia helps you look after the whole self - mind, body and soul.  After only a couple of sessions, I was able to change a few things to see improvements.  Nardia is soothing and goes at a pace with which you are comfortable, there is no pressure whatsoever. Highly recommended to anyone wanting to feel better mentally and physically.’ - Andrea



‘I moved to Adelaide at the end of 2018 and from then on I had awful digestion problems. They were on and off in severity at the beginning of 2019, but then got progressively worse. I was fatigued, severely constipated and suffered from extreme bloating that made me look 9 months pregnant. I would be in tears by the end of the day because my abdominal pain was too much to handle. I had a CT Scan which showed my history of constipation, but not much else, and went to GP’s which only suggested I take stool softeners and laxatives to solve the problem. Long story short, it didn’t, and I was left feeling more defeated than before. Someone suggested I have a colonic, and at this point I was open to any suggestion that would help end my day-to-day struggle. I found Nardia online and after my first session with her my digestion was already improving. I was finally on the right path to heal my gut and overall health. Nardia made me feel so at ease in our sessions together, and with her extensive expertise I felt like I could truly trust the process of healing. Recently, my issues had come back unexpectedly, and after only ONE session back with Nardia, she flushed a parasite out of me and I was back to normal. Nardia truly cares so much about her clients and will go above and beyond to make sure you leave happier than when you come in. She Has improved my life in more ways then she could know and I thank her endlessly for that.' - Emily Mount



‘I had pain in my lower tummy for several weeks and then went for a colonic. I was nervous and worried about the experience beforehand, and although a little uncomfortable at the beginning, it was far more relaxing and beneficial than it was discomforting. I was informed during the colonic about what was going on in my body and why I was in pain and found this very helpful. I was also advised about some simple changes to repair and remain pain free. 4 weeks on - I am still without pain and have been ever since.’ – JD, A Teenagers Perspective



'Just a little BIG thank you to the amazing Nardia at AWC who has wonderfully supported me through this life changing experience. My 2 week detox and 5 day juice cleanse is only just the beginning of my exciting new life. This cleanse has dramatically unlocked physical, mental and emotional limitations - for which this same world looks a whole lot different now. After so many years suffering with autoimmune issues, undiagnosed chronic pain and most recently a major flare up (common terminology in the autoimmune world), which literally stopped me in my tracks.I have moved from masses of inflammation, swelling, pain, fatigue, unable to walk, very minimal range of motion in joints, constant bloating and cramping in the gut, misfiring hormones to major reduction in swelling, inflammation, minimal pain, walking , an increased range of motion (with minimal pain), increased energy, no bloating or cramping and for the first time in years a menstrual cycle that was a walk in the park! Nardia I am deeply grateful for everything that you are. You listen, you feel, you guide ... and your big heart makes all the challenges possible!   Finally for the first time in my life long health rollercoaster, your powerful knowledge has made everything make sense. This fills me with hope - to trust that I CAN and I AM creating a future worth living!' - Laura Jennings


’At the beginning of my first visit I immediately felt comfortable and knew I was in the right hands. Nardia is a professional and has an abundance of knowledge, she is a kind soul who truly cares about the people that she works with and it shows. In a heartbeat I would recommend this clinic for anyone who seeks a high level of treatment, I can 100% guarantee you will leave with a smile on your face and an optimistic outlook on health, both physically and mentally.' - Michael Lowe



'When l first met Nardia, I knew I was in the right place. Upon speaking with her, she resonated professionalism and warmth. She is kind hearted, confident, genuine person that made me feel safe and at peace, before, during and after the procedure. I highly recommend Adelaide Wellness Clinic and Nardia's expertise and wealth of knowledge.' - Ross Parini



'About four years ago I was diagnosed with spondyloarthritis (auto-immune disease) and I have been on numerous medications in an attempt to curb the pain associated with the disease. However the medication caused disastrous side effects.  Almost a year and a half ago a friend recommended I book in to see Nardia at the Adelaide Wellness Clinic.  From the first session I felt an instant connection with Nardia and her warmth and support of me was really just what I needed.  She is a fantastic listener and also happy to share her own experiences with chronic illness.  Nardia is very knowledgeable on gut health and the digestive system. I have recently started a lifestyle program including a cleanse and elimination diet and with the help of Nardia I hope to heal my body and leave this disease behind.  Nardia is genuinely interested in helping me and will do what she can to accommodate me and assist with my healing process. I am very grateful to her.' - Peta Squire



'I went to Nardia for the sole purpose of overcoming my addictions that are hurting my body. At our initial meeting I felt really comfortable with her and what she was all about. After a week or so I decided to book a detox retreat. Well, from the first day I realised I was in for much more than I expected! Nardia leads you through an awesome process that detoxes you but also educates you about nutrition & your body and what it needs to run at it’s best. There are no products or supplements for sale, she truly is doing this to help you, if you’re ready! You need to commit. Thanks Nardia, for all the walks, talks and swims. The best part is that Nardia is not telling you how to do, she is showing you how she does....big difference!' - Jason Sander



'I am so lucky to have met Nardia .... she is professional, informative and most importantly, caring. I look forward to my visits & always feel positive and recharged afterwards. I would highly recommend Nardia.' - Jacqui May



'Nardia came to me highly recommended by a friend. Wow! She did not disappoint. Her knowledge, professionalism, kind soul has truly inspired me to live my healthiest life. The process was discreet & truly quite relaxing. In less than a week, two visits I feel so much lighter both mentally & physically. Thank you Nardia for sharing so much knowledge which will enable me to live my best life. To the wider community don’t hesitate, a few small changes I guarantee will change your life for the better.' - Tash England



'Highly recommend booking with Nardia. She’s super knowledgeable, understanding and caring.. and makes the whole process easy. She talked through everything with me as well as giving me so much more info on what’s going on with me and what we can do to help. Feel so much lighter after colon therapy, and now I can’t wait to keep doing it. Bye parasites!!' - Erin Michelle Muller



'I feel so grateful to have met Nardia. She is such a beautiful soul and goes above and beyond for her clients, She has helped me tremendously!! I have been referred to so many people in the past for my IBS and I can’t believe it is finally fixed. I couldn’t be more satisfied. Would definitely recommend. She is amazing!!' - Jemma Michell



'Nardia is an amazing human and healer offering a complete and holistic approach to gut health and much more. I would be happy recommending Adelaide Wellness Clinic to my nearest and dearest!' - Rachel White



'I was recommended to see Nardia for ongoing digestive issues. Skepitcal and nervous at first, Nardia took the time to call me before my first appointment and run me through the procedure and what's involved and I am SO glad I chose to go through with it. Since starting these sessions, my skin has completely cleared up, I have gotten rid of a parasite living in my gut and I am armed with knowledge to keep myself healthy going forward. Not only is Nardia an expert in her field and happy to pass on her knowledge, she is also so kind and genuinely cares for her patients. She would go out of her way to make appointment times that suited me and I left every session feeling amazing both physically and emotionally. Thank you Nardia!' - Lisa Keller



'Finding that things were not moving as they should, I undertook some research on Hydrotherapy and chose to contact Adelaide Wellness Clinic. From the outset communication was excellent, and whilst I may have harboured some reservations prior to my appointment, these were totally unjustified. The whole experience was holistic in nature, and I felt safe and reassured that Nardia was there for me. Afterward I felt calm, renewed and lighter. During the session I also learnt about the digestive system and hydration. Helping people and making a difference, is something this clinic takes great pride in, so that's a huge tick for me. I will be returning, must try that infrared sauna. Nardia deserves all her positive feedback and more. Thank you so much Nardia.' - Darren Bailey 



'The journey of really understanding who I am and finding my true self started about a year ago. All I have ever known as a past athlete is determination, commitment, perfection, hard work and sacrifices. These traits I applied in aspects of my life. Now, as a first time mum to a beautiful boy, perfection and feeling in control is just not part of the journey. Perfection should not be in any mum’s/parents vocabulary! Being a mum is a true blessing and I love seeing this little human we have created grow and make his mark on the world. With that said, having your heart walking around outside of you is scary and challenging. My son was sick at a young age and the experience of that is one I would rather forget.  From that time, I started to experience anxiety and being stuck in a constant state of flight or fight….and with not much sleep. I could not understand what was happening and why I felt that way, typical trait of wanting to be in control, but that was out of reach for me. I went to numerous specialists to get to the bottom of why I felt that way and I wanted answers…..to no prevail. Then I met Nardia, I truly believe that everything happens for a reason. This is where my learning and healing began and I am so grateful for having met and worked with Nardia! Kind, caring, knowledgeable and full of wisdom about the whole body, mind and soul. She has guided me and helped me to understand what it means to just…be. Nardia has helped me in so many ways, walked beside me every step of the way and I am grateful knowing I have her walking beside me for life. I look forward to continue my learning from this remarkable lady!' - Chloe



‘It's been a year now since I met Nardia and when my coming home to prioritising myself began. I am an all or nothing kind of girl and spent my life yo-yo dieting and in a euphoric space or a depressed space due to scales (sympathetic dominance as I found out from Nardia). No way to live. It seems if I ever took my eye off the ball I gained weight so I gave in here and there until I couldn't cope looking in the mirror and back on to 'something again'. To paint a picture it's a 10kg swing on and off but I've never been grossly overweight, always fit. I found Nardia after I returned from Bali with the most awful constipation and general unwellness. I have then seen her for many health reasons since. So it began, the journey to truth and wellness. Nardia listens and empathises and using her body of knowledge based on a lifetime of experience and the foundation of science. Due to spinal surgery 3 months ago and complete lack of mobility I again found my body in need of Nardia’s treatment. I have just completed my detox retreat (not sure this term is wise for the week that was!) with Nardia. We walked 15-18km's day, I learnt new basic skills for wellness. I learnt the science behind food and how to look after my body at a cellular level not just an outside aesthetic. I also learnt to trust my body and it’s capability after surgery which was the biggest gift of all! It was here with Nardia that I was nurtured and pushed all at once. I achieved my goals and feel closer to accepting myself and my body than ever before. We are all marvellous creatures, capable of so much. Love is the way, not punishment. Once you know the tools, you can be in control of your health, not perfect just in control of your choices. Thank you, you are a gift that I am grateful for Nardia and understand when you say, find your people that you can trust, and stick with them.’ - Kate Harry



'I have been seeing Nardia for approx a year. I had 5 treatments last year and one this year and I have been thrilled with the results. I have had psoriasis since I was 6 years old, mostly on my scalp and a few patches on my body but since 2010 I have had it all over my torso and have not been able to get rid of it. I've tried all sorts of treatments, including antibiotics and naturopathic remedies and nothing has worked. Since seeing Nardia the psoriasis has almost gone from my torso and disappeared elsewhere on my body. I experienced many other positive side effects as a result of her treatments. I have felt 100% comfortable since treatment one. Nardia is extremely professional, deeply and genuinely cares for her patients and is passionate about her work and helping others. I have referred many people to Nardia since I started treatment last year, all with different challenges and everyone has been very pleased with their results and continue to see her. I cannot recommend her more highly. I will definitely be visiting Nardia annually and I look forward to our chats and learning more!' - Leigh Willson 



'During desperate times, midway through the Covid 19, I was feeling very low with my ongoing gut problems that has been part of my life since a young girl. I accidentally stumbled across Nardia as I was googling treatments to help with my situation before my daughter was coming to pick me up to go to emergency at the hospital, which I did not want.  After emailing Nardia that morning she contacted me to arrange an appointment after hours that night. Nardia explained in detail the treatment and giving me very detailed and excellent information for why I was having these issues and ways to correct my problem. It has been a couple of months and I have never felt so good, no gut issues at all, which is unbelievable for me. Nardia is the nicest, caring and kindest person that has helped me through a very tough time, I just wished I had met Nardia years ago. Nardia offers a whole lifestyle package during her appointments, the knowledge you have to offer during your consultation is amazing. Thanks Nardia for caring and changing my life.' - Leeanne Baker



'After 2 years trying to get to the bottom of symptoms that seemed to have no apparent cause and various medical opinions, I came across Nardia. Nardia was conscious that I had already spent so much time and money searching for answers, immediately she wanted to provide me with the most efficient treatment possible. Nardia doesn’t rush patients in and out. She takes the time to listen and fully educate on exactly what’s going on with your body, what we’re doing to fix it and why. What most amazes me about her care and compassion is that it doesn’t stop after treatment. Nardia will continue to check in on your progress and remind you that she’s only ever a phone call away. This genuine regard for her patients wellbeing I have never been fortunate enough to experience before. During my time with Nardia I consistently witnessed her going above and beyond, working overtime and being more than happy to adjust her schedule, to meet the needs of others. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough. Thank you Nardia for all you’ve done for me, you’re the most beautiful, selfless person. I’m pleased to know I have a practitioner like you by my side for life. - Love, Emily Russell.'



''Nardia, I cannot thank you enough for all the care you have shown me since my very first session. I felt completely safe in your hands & you made a very uncomfortable experience much less frightening. You are truly a gifted practitioner. You are such a kind, calming, genuine and knowledgeable person, and I look forward to working with you more into the future! I definitely will return in the coming weeks/months as I feel that this process has helped me realign my whole perspective on health and well-being.' - Emily  



'Thank you for sharing your knowledge and passion for wellness. I can’t begin to explain how much better I feel both physically and emotionally, you certainly have a very special talent. You made what is an embarrassing procedure so nice. From the first time I met you, you welcomed me and had me feeling at ease (though nervous). I’m so grateful for the time you gave me each session and the information you shared to support me to be at my best. You are amazing!' - Leanne Johansen



'By chance, we came across the Adelaide Wellness Clinic on Henley Beach Road. Words cannot express our gratitude enough for what Nardia has achieved for my husband who has Parkinsons. Doctors had no solution. The genuine kindness and compassion was very comforting to both of us. He has had this problem (bowels) for a few years which has caused him a LOT of pain, anxiety and frustration. Three visits was all it took and problem solved. Nothing was too much trouble for Nardia. So much knowledge. Checked on him by phone regularly too. If only we had known about her sooner.  I highly recommend this clinic to anyone with ongoing health issues.' - Dianne Downs



'I am so grateful to have stumbled across the Adelaide Wellness Clinic and met Nardia who is the most beautiful soul and someone who genuinely cares for my health. After only the first appointment I had amazing results and went back for 2 more appointments and my stomach issues have cleared up completely. Highly recommend to everyone. Thankyou Nardia.' - Danielle Winter



'Highly recommend booking in with Nardia! She is so kind, caring and SUPER knowledgeable. My body is working so much better now.' - Linda Paul



'Another happy & relieved customer!! Max (10) was presenting with gut distress and spending prolonged uncomfortable periods on the toilet. With just one treatment from Nardia he is now pain free and remarkably efficient on the can ????. We wished we had taken him to Adelaide Wellness Clinic much earlier!!! Thank you Nardia - you have made such a massive difference to Max’s quality of life!!,' - Troy Abbott (Parent)



'Seeing Nardia made things right for me! After many years of ‘funny tummy’ , endometriosis, along with some bloating and a sluggish bowel, I felt Nardia’s calming and educated consultation very comforting! Nardia passes on her knowledge to you which assists in daily routines and an overall health awareness. Her beautiful caring nature is everything we need for colonic hydrotherapy!' - Nancy Coppola



'Hello to all those on or seeking their wellness journeys, I thought that I would provide you all an update to mine, given it’s been six months since I first attended the Adelaide Wellness Clinic and was touched by a truly wonderful person. A re-cap on my story: ***I was taking regular medication to control Gastric reflux that I had suffered with for over 10 years. I was told and believed my only options were to remain on medication, or surgery (Fundoplication). In addition to the reflux, I had bloating, regular diarrhoea and fatigue. In under two weeks, just three sessions, I was off my medication, my reflux symptoms had abated and I had my energy back.*** So how am I now I hear you ask? Firstly, I’d like to share with you my thought processes at the time, as I was sceptical that colonic irrigation, energy healing, sauna and some small lifestyle changes, could be the permanent answer to my chronic condition. Sure, If I kept up with what Nardia taught me I’d likely be symptom free, but what if I didn’t, and I slipped back into my old ways for a bit, would the reflux come back? Sure enough, during festive season parties, holidays, Fringe festival etc… - I fell back into old habits but the Reflux didn’t return, I feel like I’m permanently cured, I know right, I’m astounded too. I still don’t know how she did it but I am extremely grateful. If you are reading this and are struggling with gut health issues, do yourself a favour and book in. Change your story as I have done, Life’s short, live healthy, be happy! Thank you Nardia.' - Michael T



'Thank You! To a friend who recommended me to Nardia at Adelaide Wellness Clinic! After so many years of roller coaster autoimmune issues and undiagnosed chronic pain, Nardia has finally given me answers and a light at the end of a very long tunnel. I still can’t believe how fast my life is turning around for the better. I struggle to express her absolute amazingness as a natural healer. Nardia, Your love and support is endless. I am so grateful for you!' - Laura Jennings 



'The BEST colonic I have ever been to across the world! Nardia is the most beautiful individual and she really creates a positive space for you to come in and leave detoxified. Nardia is very knowledgeable and takes effort to make this an experience about ridding yourself of toxic energies. I couldn't be happier that I went and have already scheduled many more appointments to go see her.' - Rachael S



'Finding colonics and Nardia has been a major turning point in my chronic illness journey. Nardia’s holistic approach has benefited me physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. She goes above and beyond to support you and walk beside you. Through listening to her personal experience and knowledge of chronic fatigue and illness, she made me believe that healing is possible. Through the colonics process, being able to observe toxic waste and parasites leave the body and to feel improvements in energy levels was so exciting and reassuring that there were treatable factors causing the fatigue symptoms. Also, having been sexually assaulted anally, the thought of colonics was daunting to me but I could not have imagined a more supportive therapist to support me through it! I recommended Nardia to everyone and anyone looking for improvements in health!' - Anonymous



'I went to see Nardia with ongoing fatigue. While the experience was daunting at first, she offered a safe space to continue my healing. Nardia has been kind, empathetic and super knowledgeable. She has helped me see the whole picture of health, starting from thoughts and mind set, through to everyday habits and actions. I feel I’m in very safe hands, and am optimistic I can find optimum health.' - Jacqui Edwards



'Nardia is a natural healer. I thoroughly recommend her in order to gain better health and clarity in your life.' - Simon Toovey



'I would definitely recommend going to see Nardia. I'd been feeling "just not right" for months but I felt noticeably better immediately after the treatment and the days following. She is knowledgeable, accommodating and makes you feel at ease the whole way through. She may give you some hard truths about your lifestyle but they will only be beneficial in the future because she cares. I will definitely head back for another session and encourage anyone that's thinking about having this done to make an appointment and do it!' - Scott Bailey



'I recently embarked on an Adelaide Wellness Clinic retreat with Nardia. She warned me (with love) that it would be extremely challenging but what I didn't realise was that the most challenging part would be breaking through all of the emotional and mental barriers that I had built over many years to allow myself to be vulnerable and learn to just accept. I learnt so much over the week about myself and my capabilities. Nardia guided me through with her gentle and kind nature, dishing out the tough love when it was needed. The retreat is so completely immersive and confronting in the best way possible! I just can't thank her enough for supporting me in and out of the clinic and through the retreat. I have the mental clarity to embrace life and the opportunities that present themselves with a new found self respect rather than hiding from new experiences. I highly recommend setting this time aside and investing in yourself. Thank you Nardia, love always Claire x' - Claire Haley



'I've been seeing Nardia since August this year. I came to her with a well researched and investigated journey already into my health and challenges I faced, however nothing prepared me for this approach to cellular and holistic health. Since meeting Nardia I have made changes both mentally and physically, with a new and far more long-term approach to caring for myself. I feel freed from strict and dogmatic (and often yo yo) ways of keeping things in control and instead have found self-love, daily rituals, a love of my body and a friend. Whilst I looked 'fit and well' on the inside my body was struggling. After commitment to colonic hydrotherapy and two at home retreats I am approaching 2020 feeling great. Still more to do but I feel excited to continue my wellness journey with Adelaide Wellness Clinic. If you are reading this, and considering contacting Nardia, you should. Best call I ever made. x' - Kate Harry



'Firstly, I really want to thank Adelaide Wellness Clinic and Nardia. I chose to try to get my life back on track. I was spiralling out of control mentally and physically. I decided to take time for myself and do a retreat. I didn't know what to expect but am so grateful for the experience. Yes, I dropped 7kg and 31cm in toxic waste in 1 week, but it was more about the education. What it means to put the right fuel into my body/brain that I took away the most. Daily walks, colonics, body brushing, cold ocean swims, and saunas to help the toxins come out. Massages and energy healing that have enabled me to walk again with no pain. Nardia's professional approach is amazing. The physicality and education was confronting at times but she gets you through with her leadership and her ability to do absolutely every part of the program walking at your side - some tough love but always delivered with a smile. If you’re thinking of getting yourself back on track. Adelaide Wellness Clinic and Nardia will get you there and I am sure you will benefit as I have. Trust her knowledge and the process - a gift. I have never experienced anything like it! Thank you again Nardia and Adelaide Wellness Clinic.' - Ben Watkins



'I was fortunate enough to spend 7 days with Nardia at her Tennyson retreat program - I shared the experience within a small group, just myself and 2 others - the experience although extremely tough was unbelievable. I dropped over 6kg of fat and toxins and lost 9cm off the gut, I also learnt some valuable life lessons which will stay with me forever. Nardia's experience and knowledge in the art of the body self-healing through nutrition, detoxification and clean living is remarkable, Couple this with her genuine desire to help people have a healthier and more fulfilling life is inspiring - all delivered in the most unselfish and compassionate (yet firm) manner really makes this week-long retreat a must-do for those amongst us who take their health and wellbeing seriously I'll be back !! Thank you Nardia' - Paul Douglas-Irving



'Last week I completed Nardia’s 7 day Adelaide Wellness Clinics Detox Retreat, beachside at Tennyson, here in Adelaide. I am writing to emphatically encourage everyone regardless of your current state of health (physical mental emotional) to introduce Nardia into your life. The profound benefits will generously flow and make the time and monetary investment you'll put in seem insignificant & the most rewarding and worthwhile step one could take to improve your life. 

Nardia is a unique practitioner & an extraordinary person & an essential person to have in your life and on your team! As a group we experienced daily, detoxifying juices, drank lots of water (up to 7 litres per day), walked beaches, esplanades & lakes, hiked through the Adelaide hills, stretched our way through yoga, "enjoyed” colonic therapy, got hot and sweaty in an infra-red sauna, swam in the refreshingly cool sea, benefited from massages and energy work and most importantly gain some fascinating & invaluable knowledge all the while being supported and encouraged and gently pushed by the awe inspiring Nardia. On completion of the retreat I flushed out 6 kgs of accumulated toxic waste fluid and fat and not only gained a wealth of critical knowledge but a champion for my on-going well being. Bottom line, if you want a better body mind & life, start by calling Nardia today. 0447 254 505 you will be glad you did!' - Troy Abbott



'I’ve just completed Nardia’s 7 day retreat. Wow. What a life changing experience. My story is I have MS. Newly diagnosed 5 years ago I was putting all my energy into learning to hold a pen again, brush my teeth and sadly walk with crippling fatigue. Today I can say hand on heart that I am the healthiest I’ve ever felt pre or post diagnosis. Not only physically but emotionally and spiritually too. This week I experienced the juices, kms, yoga, stretching, colonics, saunas, freezing cold sea water and most importantly education. Nardia is unlike any other practitioner. She doesn’t focus on fad diets, medication or supplements to get you to good health. Her retreats are about getting our body back to its natural state. Allowing your body to function as its intended. On completion of the retreat I lost 4.1kgs and a totally of 44cms. I’m over the moon with those numbers but it’s nothing in comparison to the education, knowledge and empowerment I have taken away. One week has changed my story. Thank you Nardia from the bottom of my heart.' - Ruth Potter



'Nardia is an extremely knowledgeable and effective therapist.

Prior to a friend recommending I see Nardia, I was taking regular medication to control Gastric reflux that I had suffered with for over 10 years. I thought my only available options were to remain on the medication, or surgery. In addition to the reflux, I had bloating, regular diarrhea and fatigue. In under two weeks, just three sessions, I am off my medication, my reflux symptoms have abated and I have my energy back. Nardia has given me the tools and inspiration I needed to build a better me. Right now, I feel amazing and I’m told it only gets better from here. I’m so glad I met Nardia, she is truly awesome!' - Mick T.



'Since the day I started at Adelaide Wellness Clinic I've moved forward in my life in leaps and bounds! Thanks to Nardia, I have found confidence to come off of my sleeping medication that I have been on for the last 3 years. I've also come off of other harsh medications like mood stabilisers!!! I can't remember a time when my body felt so clean and my head not just rushing with indecisive thoughts. My life has seen change in a big way and in a passionate way.' - George Wepener



'You’re lost. You have accepted everything that doctors/specialists have recommended/prescribed to you as your new “normal” and actually accept that your life now depends on those medications, no matter what side effects or ill heath/addiction they also come with.... it’s your new “normal”. That was my life....... until I made a very special appointment with a very special person named Nardia. Within moments of meeting Nardia, she gave me hope.... more aspiration to strive for wellness than anyone I’ve ever come across and all with a touch of a hand and telling me it will all be ok. Without Nardia’s support, conviction and absolute knowledge of the mind and body.... I would not be where I am right now. Due to her beautiful nature I can now say that I have gone from being hugely dependent on the Norspan 15mi/g per hour 7 day patch plus other medications to medication free. I have pain.... but the pain you should feel! Like after holding your child on your hip for hours or working for to many hours!!! Please if you have read this far and it resonates with you.... I’d be more than happy to share my personal experience with you, just message me' - Tyson Potter



'Nardia is an incredibly competent and effective colonic hydrotherapist and masseuse. And, as an added bonus, she also just happens to be one of the most lovely, engaging and passionate practitioners of her art on the planet. I would recommend her most highly'. - Tim Lovell



'Nardia spent the time to educate me and make me feel completely comfortable about the whole process from the very beginning. At my first session, I presented with a multitude of chronic symptoms ranging from chronic fatigue, multiple chronic recurrent infections, muscle soreness to joint pain/inflammation. I simply can not thank Nardia enough for her compassion and care whilst discussing my ailments and potential outcomes. Nardia discussed an action plan for treatment to return to superior health. I’m super excited to share this journey with everyone as Nardia definitely gets the results! I am cleansed from the inside out! Very Grateful. No infections, minimal to no pain, able to do my daily activities such as walking, yoga and Pilates. This treatment has assisted me on more levels than one. Nardia’s holistic approach has helped assist my clarity and contentment that align with my mindfulness practise every day. If you’re thinking about it, do it! I am healthy, I promise you won’t regret the decision. Take the plunge!' - Abby Elizabeth



'Nardia has found her true calling in life. An outstanding practitioner. She’s professional, knowledgeable but what makes her so amazing is her ability to connect. I’ve had three sessions with Nardia and in one week I’m not only seeing an improvement in my physical health but I’ve had a huge positive emotional shift. I can not recommend Adelaide Wellness Clinic highly enough.' - Ruth Potter



'Nardia is such an amazing person and practitioner, she has completely turned my health around. Her comprehensive knowledge, compassion and holistic skills are what sets her apart. I have been to countless Doctors and practitioners since a severe debilitating accident and Nardia has been the only reason that I am getting my life back again. Thank you, you are invaluable ❤ xx' - Claire Haley



'Thankyou Nardia for making me feel at ease during my recent visit with you. I have had amazing results after my treatment, and my hormonal imbalance seems significantly better, so much so that I've had no need to continue my herbal remedy that I was taking. I can't speak highly enough of your professionalism and your genuine caring attitude. Next time my hormones play up I'll be back for another visit.' - Kay McKenzie-Munro



'Can’t speak highly enough of Nardia’s professionalism, genuine caring nature and the relaxed comfortable environment she creates. I would strongly encourage anyone and everyone to enjoy the significant health benefits that Nardia passionately and uniquely offers. She has become a vital tool in my on-going health management. If you are smart you will make an appointment with her today!!' - Troy Abbott



'Feeling nervous was an understatement but off I went to Nardia. Having lots of medical issues I had decided to try other avenues for solutions. Nardia made me feel so comfortable in the most uncomfortable situation that I had three sessions and will definitely be returning for more treatments. It has definitely assisted in my issues with my gut health. Can't recommend Adelaide Wellness Clinic enough.' - Sharon Roche



'As like other reviewers I too was a bit apprehensive, it being my first time - however I was very much at ease with Nardia’s exceptional bedside manner and her genuine care - so thanks Nardia I will see you again next time I’m in town - take care' - Paul Douglas-Irving



'I was a bit sceptical about having the colonic irrigation at first but when I met Nardia she made me feel welcomed and comfortable from the very beginning. As expected the insertion of the tube in my rectum was not the most pleasant but because of Nardia's caring nature & interpersonal skills, she was able to take my mind away from it - which made me feel at ease. Her passion for her work shone through by her knowledge of the human colon anatomy and the way she answered all my questions with ease. If you're thinking of getting a colonic hydrotherapy with Nardia - just go for it! You will not be disappointed. Thanks again Nardia - my gut has never felt this good for a very long time.' - Adrian Reynolds



'Congrats Nardia on following your dreams and making them a reality. Adelaide Wellness Clinic is now officially open for business. Beautiful room and set up, and of course Nardia doing what she truly believes in. Highly recommend her services. After a consult I had my first ever colonic and Nardia was so calming, informative and professional. Great location and easy parking.' - Tanya Nelson



'Nardia is amazing at what she offers, making you feel comfortable all the way through the process.' - Jason Lee