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At our Adelaide Wellness Cleansing Program in Tennyson we offer a fasting program of ultra-alkalising, organic, cold-pressed juices that also give the body necessary nutrients during the cleanse, which maintains energy and facilitates rejuvenation on all levels. This is a form of fasting in which living-food juice supplies enzymes and living micronutrients that further aid the cleansing process.

All our organic juices are cold-pressed and retain 95% of their natural nutrients and enzymes. Independent research has found that this is almost double to that of standard, centrifugal juices. The cold-pressed juice process minimises oxidation and degradation of the nutrients and live enzymes in the vegetables, allowing your mind, body and soul to reap the benefits of the highest possible concentration of nutrients.

Our program is individually tailored for people aged 18 to 59 years, with fair to high fitness. Intimate and exclusive with a maximum of six guests you can be assured of dedicated support for authentic learning. The guidance and facilitation is professional, informative and highly motivating.


  • You have depleted energy or chronic fatigue
  • You have digestion or sleep issues
  • Hormonal imbalances are impeding your quality of life
  • You have trouble falling pregnant
  • You suffer with mental / emotional health
  • You carry fluid retention / cellulite
  • You have overgrowth of Candida
  • You have high blood pressure / cholesterol 
  • You feel you need to reset mind, body and spirit
  • Want to re-align your personal balance
  • You feel as though you have lost your connection to self

With a focus on improving your personal health and wellbeing other benefits of the retreat can include natural weight loss, improved circulation and lymphatic drainage, increased absorption, calming of the nervous system, greater motivation and enthusiasm, breaking addictions and spiritual growth.

Please note results may vary from person to person.