The relationship we have with the food we eat is one of the most intimate ways in which we connect to our environment; what we eat is then used by our bodies to become the energy, cells, tissues, organs and systems that keep us alive. The objective of this course is to empower you with the knowledge that, when given the right conditions, our bodies have the ability to heal and thrive.

This course is filled with prompts that will encourage you to self-reflect on the way you have previously viewed nutrition, encouraging you to veer from ‘quick-fix’ options, fad diets and unnecessary supplementation.

It will be delivered in our clinic space, with sessions covering; anatomy, the plate, making energy, the importance of hydration, along with the many emotional and lifestyle factors that contribute to, and affect our nutrition. 

Nardia presents her knowledge by gracefully balancing her clinical experience as an accredited clinical nutritionist with her gentle and caring nature. Nardia will share with you how she has transformed both her own health story, as well as the hundreds of patients she supports through nutrition and colon hydrotherapy.

Price of the Nutrition Education is $300 per person. Throughout this course, you will be provided with a notepad and 7-day meal plan that exemplifies the fundamentals to supporting optimal cellular health. 

Come, let us support you on your way to optimal wellness.