'By chance, we came across the Adelaide Wellness Clinic on Henley Beach Road. Words cannot express our gratitude enough for what Nardia has achieved for my husband who has Parkinsons. Doctors had no solution. The genuine kindness and compassion was very comforting to both of us. He has had this problem (bowels) for a few years which has caused him a LOT of pain, anxiety and frustration. Three visits was all it took and problem solved. Nothing was too much trouble for Nardia. So much knowledge. Checked on him by phone regularly too. If only we had known about her sooner.  I highly recommend this clinic to anyone with ongoing health issues. Dianne Downs'


'I am so grateful to have stumbled across the Adelaide Wellness Clinic and met Nardia who is the most beautiful soul and someone who genuinely cares for my health. After only the first appointment I had amazing results and went back for 2 more appointments and my stomach issues have cleared up completely. Highly recommend to everyone. Thankyou Nardia.' Danielle Winter


'Highly recommend booking in with Nardia! She is so kind, caring and SUPER knowledgeable. My body is working so much better now.' Linda Paul


'Another happy & relieved customer!! Max (10) was presenting with gut distress and spending prolonged uncomfortable periods on the toilet. With just one treatment from Nardia Dadds he is now pain free and remarkably efficient on the can ????. We wished we had taken him to Adelaide Wellness Clinic much earlier!!! Thank you Nardia - you have made such a massive difference to Max’s quality of life!!,' Troy Abbott (Parent)


'Seeing Nardia made things right for me! After many years of ‘funny tummy’ , endometriosis, along with some bloating and a sluggish bowel, I felt Nardia’s calming and educated consultation very comforting! Nardia passes on her knowledge to you which assists in daily routines and an overall health awareness. Her beautiful caring nature is everything we need for colonic hydrotherapy!' Nancy Coppola


'Hello to all those on or seeking their wellness journeys, I thought that I would provide you all an update to mine, given it’s been six months since I first attended the Adelaide Wellness Clinic and was touched by a truly wonderful person. A re-cap on my story: ***I was taking regular medication to control Gastric reflux that I had suffered with for over 10 years. I was told and believed my only options were to remain on medication, or surgery (Fundoplication). In addition to the reflux, I had bloating, regular diarrhoea and fatigue. In under two weeks, just three sessions, I was off my medication, my reflux symptoms had abated and I had my energy back.*** So how am I now I hear you ask? Firstly, I’d like to share with you my thought processes at the time, as I was sceptical that colonic irrigation, energy healing, sauna and some small lifestyle changes, could be the permanent answer to my chronic condition. Sure, If I kept up with what Nardia taught me I’d likely be symptom free, but what if I didn’t, and I slipped back into my old ways for a bit, would the reflux come back? Sure enough, during festive season parties, holidays, Fringe festival etc… - I fell back into old habits but the Reflux didn’t return, I feel like I’m permanently cured, I know right, I’m astounded too. I still don’t know how she did it but I am extremely grateful. If you are reading this and are struggling with gut health issues, do yourself a favour and book in. Change your story as I have done, Life’s short, live healthy, be happy! Thank you Nardia.' Michael T


'Thank You! To a friend who recommended me to Nardia at Adelaide Wellness Clinic! After so many years of roller coaster autoimmune issues and undiagnosed chronic pain, Nardia has finally given me answers and a light at the end of a very long tunnel. I still can’t believe how fast my life is turning around for the better. I struggle to express her absolute amazingness as a natural healer. Nardia, Your love and support is endless. I am so grateful for you!' Laura Jennings 


'The BEST colonic I have ever been to across the world! Nardia is the most beautiful individual and she really creates a positive space for you to come in and leave detoxified. Nardia is very knowledgeable and takes effort to make this an experience about ridding yourself of toxic energies. I couldn't be happier that I went and have already scheduled many more appointments to go see her.' Rachael S


'Finding colonics and Nardia has been a major turning point in my chronic illness journey. Nardia’s holistic approach has benefited me physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. She goes above and beyond to support you and walk beside you. Through listening to her personal experience and knowledge of chronic fatigue and illness, she made me believe that healing is possible. Through the colonics process, being able to observe toxic waste and parasites leave the body and to feel improvements in energy levels was so exciting and reassuring that there were treatable factors causing the fatigue symptoms. Also, having been sexually assaulted anally, the thought of colonics was daunting to me but I could not have imagined a more supportive therapist to support me through it! I recommended Nardia to everyone and anyone looking for improvements in health!' Anonymous


'I went to see Nardia with ongoing fatigue. While the experience was daunting at first, she offered a safe space to continue my healing. Nardia has been kind, empathetic and super knowledgeable. She has helped me see the whole picture of health, starting from thoughts and mind set, through to everyday habits and actions. I feel I’m in very safe hands, and am optimistic I can find optimum health.' Jacqui Edwards


'Nardia is a natural healer. I thoroughly recommend her in order to gain better health and clarity in your life.' Simon Toovey


'I would definitely recommend going to see Nardia. I'd been feeling "just not right" for months but I felt noticeably better immediately after the treatment and the days following. She is knowledgeable, accommodating and makes you feel at ease the whole way through. She may give you some hard truths about your lifestyle but they will only be beneficial in the future because she cares. I will definitely head back for another session and encourage anyone that's thinking about having this done to make an appointment and do it!' Scott Bailey


'I recently embarked on an Adelaide Wellness Clinic retreat with Nardia. She warned me (with love) that it would be extremely challenging but what I didn't realise was that the most challenging part would be breaking through all of the emotional and mental barriers that I had built over many years to allow myself to be vulnerable and learn to just accept. I learnt so much over the week about myself and my capabilities. Nardia guided me through with her gentle and kind nature, dishing out the tough love when it was needed. The retreat is so completely immersive and confronting in the best way possible! I just can't thank her enough for supporting me in and out of the clinic and through the retreat. I have the mental clarity to embrace life and the opportunities that present themselves with a new found self respect rather than hiding from new experiences. I highly recommend setting this time aside and investing in yourself. Thank you Nardia, love always Claire x' Claire Haley


'I've been seeing Nardia since August this year. I came to her with a well researched and investigated journey already into my health and challenges I faced, however nothing prepared me for this approach to cellular and holistic health. Since meeting Nardia I have made changes both mentally and physically, with a new and far more long term approach to caring for myself. I feel freed from strict and dogmatic (and often yo yo) ways of keeping things in control and instead have found self love, daily rituals, a love of my body and a friend. Whilst I looked 'fit and well' on the inside my body was struggling. After commitment to colonic hydrotherapy and two at home retreats I am approaching 2020 feeling great. Still more to do but I feel excited to continue my wellness journey with Adelaide Wellness Clinic. If you are reading this, and considering contacting Nardia, you should. Best call I ever made. x' Kate Harry


'Firstly I really want to thank Adelaide Wellness Clinic and Nardia. I chose to try to get my life back on track. I was spiraling out of control mentally and physically. I decided to take time for myself and do a retreat. I didn't know what to expect but am so grateful for the experience. Yes, I dropped 7kg and 31cm in toxic waste in 1 week, but it was more about the education. What it means to put the right fuel into my body/brain that I took away the most. Daily walks, colonics, body brushing, cold ocean swims, and saunas to help the toxins come out. Massages and energy healing that have enabled me to walk again with no pain. Nardia's professional approach is amazing. The physicality and education was confronting at times but she gets you through with her leadership and her ability to do absolutely every part of the program walking at your side - some tough love but always delivered with a smile. If your thinking of getting yourself back on track. Adelaide Wellness Clinic and Nardia will get you there and I am sure you will benefit as I have. Trust her knowledge and the process - a gift. I have never experienced anything like it! Thank you again Nardia and Adelaide Wellness Clinic.' Ben Watkins


'I was fortunate enough to spend 7 days with Nardia at her Tennyson retreat program - I shared the experience within a small group, just myself and 2 others - the experience although extremely tough was unbelievable. I dropped over 6kg of fat and toxins and lost 9cm off the gut, I also learnt some valuable life lessons which will stay with me forever. Nardia's experience and knowledge in the art of the body self-healing through nutrition, detoxification and clean living is remarkable, Couple this with her genuine desire to help people have a healthier and more fulfilling life is inspiring - all delivered in the most unselfish and compassionate (yet firm) manner really makes this week-long retreat a must-do for those amongst us who take their health and wellbeing seriously I'll be back !! Thank you Nardia' Paul Douglas-Irving


'Last week I completed Nardia’s 7 day Adelaide Wellness Clinics Detox Retreat, beachside at Tennyson, here in Adelaide. I am writing to emphatically encourage everyone regardless of your current state of health (physical mental emotional) to introduce Nardia into your life. The profound benefits will generously flow and make the time and monetary investment you'll put in seem insignificant & the most rewarding and worthwhile step one could take to improve your life. 

Nardia is a unique practitioner & an extraordinary person & an essential person to have in your life and on your team! As a group we experienced daily, detoxifying juices, drank lots of water (up to 7 litres per day), walked beaches, esplanades & lakes, hiked through the Adelaide hills, stretched our way through yoga, "enjoyed” colonic therapy, got hot and sweaty in an infra-red sauna, swam in the refreshingly cool sea, benefited from massages and energy work and most importantly gain some fascinating & invaluable knowledge all the while being supported and encouraged and gently pushed by the awe inspiring Nardia.

On completion of the retreat I flushed out 6 kgs of accumulated toxic waste fluid and fat and not only gained a wealth of critical knowledge but a champion for my on-going well being.

Bottom line, if you want a better body mind & life, start by calling Nardia today. 0447 254 505 you will be glad you did!' Troy Abbott


'I’ve just completed Nardia’s 7 day retreat. Wow. What a life changing experience. My story is I have MS. Newly diagnosed 5 years ago I was putting all my energy into learning to hold a pen again, brush my teeth and sadly walk with crippling fatigue. Today I can say hand on heart that I am the healthiest I’ve ever felt pre or post diagnosis. Not only physically but emotionally and spiritually too.

This week I experienced the juices, kms, yoga, stretching, colonics, saunas, freezing cold sea water and most importantly education. Nardia is unlike any other practitioner. She doesn’t focus on fad diets, medication or supplements to get you to good health. Her retreats are about getting our body back to its natural state. Allowing your body to function as its intended.

On completion of the retreat I lost 4.1kgs and a totally of 44cms. I’m over the moon with those numbers but it’s nothing in comparison to the education, knowledge and empowerment I have taken away. One week has changed my story. Thank you Nardia from the bottom of my heart.' Ruth Potter


'Nardia is an extremely knowledgeable and effective therapist.

Prior to a friend recommending I see Nardia, I was taking regular medication to control Gastric reflux that I had suffered with for over 10 years. I thought my only available options were to remain on the medication, or surgery. In addition to the reflux, I had bloating, regular diarrhea and fatigue.

In under two weeks, just three sessions, I am off my medication, my reflux symptoms have abated and I have my energy back.

Nardia has given me the tools and inspiration I needed to build a better me. Right now, I feel amazing and I’m told it only gets better from here.

I’m so glad I met Nardia, she is truly awesome!' Mick T.


'Thank you Nardia. As you know I feel incredibly fortunate having met you and having you turn around what has been an ongoing health issue for most of my life. The perfect time in my own life for me to be ready to receive the information and wisdom for you to put it into action. I feel like you have indeed ‘Changed my story’.

I am loving putting into action what you have retaught me about my body, I love the freedom to be healthy and enjoy my life rather than be oppressed by it.

I'm sure this isn’t the end of our story ....' Kate Harry


'Since the day I started at Adelaide Wellness Clinic I've moved forward in my life in leaps and bounds! Thanks to Nardia, I have found confidence to come off of my sleeping medication that I have been on for the last 3 years. I've also come off of other harsh medications like mood stabilisers!!! I can't remember a time when my body felt so clean and my head not just rushing with indecisive thoughts. My life has seen change in a big way and in a passionate way.' George Wepener


'You’re lost. You have accepted everything that doctors/specialists have recommended/prescribed to you as your new “normal” and actually accept that your life now depends on those medications, no matter what side effects or ill heath/addiction they also come with.... it’s your new “normal”. That was my life....... until I made a very special appointment with a very special person named Nardia. Within moments of meeting Nardia, she gave me hope.... more aspiration to strive for wellness than anyone I’ve ever come across and all with a touch of a hand and telling me it will all be ok. Without Nardia’s support, conviction and absolute knowledge of the mind and body.... I would not be where I am right now. Due to her beautiful nature I can now say that I have gone from being hugely dependent on the Norspan 15mi/g per hour 7 day patch plus other medications to medication free. I have pain.... but the pain you should feel! Like after holding your child on your hip for hours or working for to many hours!!! Please if you have read this far and it resonates with you.... I’d be more than happy to share my personal experience with you, just message me' Tyson Potter


'Nardia is an incredibly competent and effective colonic hydrotherapist and masseuse. And, as an added bonus, she also just happens to be one of the most lovely, engaging and passionate practitioners of her art on the planet. I would recommend her most highly'. Tim Lovell


'Nardia spent the time to educate me and make me feel completely comfortable about the whole process from the very beginning. At my first session, I presented with a multitude of chronic symptoms ranging from chronic fatigue, multiple chronic recurrent infections, muscle soreness to joint pain/inflammation.

I simply can not thank Nardia enough for her compassion and care whilst discussing my ailments and potential outcomes. Nardia discussed an action plan for treatment to return to superior health.

I’m super excited to share this journey with everyone as Nardia definitely gets the results!

I am cleansed from the inside out! Very Grateful. No infections, minimal to no pain, able to do my daily activities such as walking, yoga and Pilates. This treatment has assisted me on more levels than one. Nardia’s holistic approach has helped assist my clarity and contentment that align with my mindfulness practise every day.

If you’re thinking about it, do it! I am healthy, I promise you won’t regret the decision. Take the plunge!' Abby Elizabeth


'Nardia has found her true calling in life. An outstanding practitioner. She’s professional, knowledgeable but what makes her so amazing is her ability to connect. I’ve had three sessions with Nardia and in one week I’m not only seeing an improvement in my physical health but I’ve had a huge positive emotional shift. I can not recommend Adelaide Wellness Clinic highly enough.' Ruther Potter


'Nardia is such an amazing person and practitioner, she has completely turned my health around. Her comprehensive knowledge, compassion and holistic skills are what sets her apart. I have been to countless Doctors and practitioners since a severe debilitating accident and Nardia has been the only reason that I am getting my life back again. Thank you, you are invaluable xx' Claire Haley


'Thankyou Nardia for making me feel at ease during my recent visit with you. I have had amazing results after my treatment, and my hormonal imbalance seems significantly better, so much so that I've had no need to continue my herbal remedy that I was taking. I can't speak highly enough of your professionalism and your genuine caring attitude. Next time my hormones play up I'll be back for another visit.' Kay McKenzie-Munro


'Can’t speak highly enough of Nardia’s professionalism, genuine caring nature and the relaxed comfortable environment she creates. I would strongly encourage anyone and everyone to enjoy the significant health benefits that Nardia passionately and uniquely offers. She has become a vital tool in my on-going health management. If you are smart you will make an appointment with her today!!' Troy Abbott


'Feeling nervous was an understatement but off I went to Nardia. Having lots of medical issues I had decided to try other avenues for solutions. Nardia made me feel so comfortable in the most uncomfortable situation that I had three sessions and will definitely be returning for more treatments. It has definitely assisted in my issues with my gut health .Can't recommend Adelaide Wellness Clinic enough.' Sharon Roche


'As like other reviewers I too was a bit apprehensive, it being my first time - however I was very much at ease with Nardia’s exceptional bedside manner and her genuine care - so thanks Nardia I will see you again next time I’m in town - take care' Paul Douglas-Irving


'I was a bit sceptical about having the colonic irrigation at first but when I met Nardia she made me feel welcomed and comfortable from the very beginning. As expected the insertion of the tube in my rectum was not the most pleasant but because of Nardia's caring nature & interpersonal skills, she was able to take my mind away from it - which made me feel at ease. Her passion for her work shone through by her knowledge of the human colon anatomy and the way she answered all my questions with ease. If you're thinking of getting a colonic hydrotherapy with Nardia - just go for it! You will not be disappointed. Thanks again Nardia - my gut has never felt this good for a very long time.' Adrian Reynolds


'Congrats Nardia on following your dreams and making them a reality. Adelaide Wellness Clinic is now officially open for business. Beautiful room and set up, and of course Nardia doing what she truly believes in. Highly recommend her services. After a consult I had my first ever colonic and Nardia was so calming, informative and professional. Great location and easy parking.' Tanya Nelson


'Nardia is amazing at what she offers, making you feel comfortable all the way through the process.' Jason Lee